We specialise in renovating, extending and converting period homes and other old structures with a unique sensibility and respect for the historical and existing features. We establish a relationship with our clients to understand their needs and we design to match those needs.
As professional problem-solvers, we welcome architectural and structural challenge and offer a cohesive vision; improving the functionality of your property by optimising space. We implement well considered designs that create a seamless and bespoke design.   




If you need to increase your living space or new acquisition then a well-executed extension is a great way of adding both square footage and value to your property. 

Melbourne residential properties follow a wide range of architectural styles, such as: Georgian, Victorian, Federation, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Palazzo. We are fascinated by the materiality and the craft of these styles and we feel very inspired to work on the extensions of houses with these styles.

With creativity, insight and refinement, FIGGOSCOPE can lift your extension project out of the ordinary. We believe that space can affect your emotions and well being so we aim to create a space that will make you feel in balance and harmony. We will work with you to develop designs that interpret your ideas imaginatively, maximise your investment and ensure your project is cost effective.

We guide your project from the beginning and we take the stress out of the design and planning process. Our aim is to offer exceptional service and elegant design at a price that is realistic and in accordance with your requirements.   


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In most homes, significant improvements can be made by some simple internal alterations. Simply removing a wall, stripping out materials, adding windows or roof lights can help maximise light and space and create a new calming and bright atmosphere. 

We work with clients who wish to re-organise the internal space of their existing home but also those who bought a new property and would like to transform it to suit their needs.

At FIGGOSCOPE we can look at your property with a fresh pair of eyes and use our experience to advise you on new ways of utilising space and light, enrich the palette of materials and deliver new finishes and fittings.
We will help you find a builder at the right price and propose design solutions that are authentic and deliver a bespoke response to your aspirations.

By working closely with you and the budget from the start, we will reduce your overall running costs and add value to your project, while creating an ambience that emulates simplicity, elegance and balance.




Sometimes we get caught up thinking about all of the new wonderful structures that could be built, without realising just how many opportunities there are to recycle (or upcycle) architecture that is already built, by redesigning, remodelling and renovating the property to something perhaps even more impressive than the original structure. 

It could be an empty barn, an old garage, a small factory, or offices, at Figgoscope, we take aged structures and transform them into a mixture of original features and new habitable spaces.

 When it comes to converting spaces, the subdivision of the internal space can be informed by its limitations, as much as the opportunities it offers. 

For such sensitive projects, Figgoscope will be working with you to produce the layout that makes the best usage of the space, based on your budget and needs.  

The key considerations for these kinds of projects are the use of natural light, which is often relatively limited or directional. In order to retain the sense of volume and openness of the original space, it is often possible to make use of the exposed open roof structure as a feature.

We sense in old structures the opportunity to create a stunning environment with a high standard of quality and we welcome the challenge.