Figgoscope researches and refines design solutions for interiors.

We are a conduit for our client's own vision and each design is individually tailored to deliver an elegant and comfortable refuge for your daily life.

Our eye for the finer details with an affinity for solving problems make us investigate options that will bring originality to the project and to produce signature details.





 We work with each room or external building colour and fixtures to produce a colour scheme that is consistent and harmonious.



We can enhance your property providing an improved layout that increases the functionality and flow of a space increasing its value intrinsically and commercially.

  • Room(s) layout and organisation.



We source unique statement pieces from furniture and art to soft furnishings in order to create the perfect space that breaths tranquility and authenticity.

  • Custom furniture and Art.

  • Sourcing antiques, collectables and vintage wares.

  • Window covering and upholstery.

  • Homewares & accessories.



 Produce design boards showing all the products selected together and reflecting the design concept.



While working closely with the suppliers to find the right materials and to design products that satisfy our clients dreams; we also make sure that all the design specifications are well detailed in a way to reassure quality, rigour and fidelity to the designs during the construction process.

Every detail is researched, considered, tailor-made and hand-crafted, unlocking the property’s potential and adding value.



Including contractor, structural engineer, millworkers, trades and artisans to realise the design. We establish a rapport with local contractors, craftsman, cabinet makers, and artists, affording our clients the efficiencies of our experience.




     A kitchen needs a well thought out design. As the hub of the home, the kitchen is the room with all the action and is the room where we spend most of our time. It has to allow for food preparation, storage, waste management, entertainment and a comfortable dining area.

    The design needs to accommodate all these activities and Figgoscope are well experienced in transforming our client's brief into a charming and practical space.  We work closely with you to understand your routine and expectations to then prepare a bespoke design that fulfils your requirements.  

    We provide you with design options for cabinets, appliances, lighting, plumbing, fixtures, island and seating areas, based on clever 
    planning and utilising space effectively. We can also design custom-tailored joinery for the kitchen cabinets, including your pantry and butler's room. Figgoscope likes to research materials and create details that will make your project unique. 





    The bathroom is unlike any other room in the house. It is where we become renewed, where we are at our most vulnerable. A bathroom can be a haven from the world outside, a moment of tranquility or even become a spa journey. Having a beautiful, functional and stylish bathroom can enhance your everyday life.
    At Figgoscope all our bathrooms are designed individually to blend your dreams and your practical realities.
     To make a bathroom work, it's best to design backwards from the fixtures and finishes to the walls and floor. The little things about an intimate room can make a huge difference in the day-to-day experience of it. 
    As designers we expand our creativity to provide tailored design of all the bathroom cabinets and buit-ins and we pay careful attention to details of lighting, materials and finishes, to bring you a space of beauty, with a feeling of comfort and serenity.





    We can provide large scale plans and elevations on built-ins and cabinets so they can be priced and constructed accurately. We can show free-hand options initially from which the client can make decisions on overall layout, door panel design, trim design and materials. We provide seamless bespoke designs for: staircase, banisters, skirting, wall panelling, custom light insets, custom fireplace, built-in cabinets, door panels and handles, shelving, bookcases, window seats, closet layouts, walk-in-wardrobes, dressing room, desks, outdoor kitchens, sitting & dining areas… the list is endless. We will consider your ideas and expectations to create unique fit-out elements tailored to your space and that naturally and elegantly blend in to the architecture of your home.